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La Ramen

an Atlanta based Pop Up series by Chefs Matthew Ryder + Caroline Gutierrez


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La Ramen is the brainchild of Chefs Caroline and Matthew. Each pop up event focuses on a 7-Course Tasting menu with wine and sake pairing. La Ramen menus are based on the melding of Japanese and Spanish/Puerto Rican cuisines. Basically- dishes the Chefs love to eat and make for themselves, and in turn, for those they love. Join them on this cultural adventure with food and an interactive dining experience. 

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An evening to remember

where being present is invited and conversation is encouraged.

The Chefs will be right there from the get go to greet you and guide you through the journey of La Ramen, as you get to know them a little bit better with each bite you take. The table is long and communal allowing for an exuberant evening where we all become friends in the end. 


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